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History of the Angermann-Group


Our company was founded in 1953 by Horst F. G. Angermann

Our first office was located in Hansastraße in Hamburg


Equipped with a great entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit, an excellent ability to make contacts and comprehensive specialist knowledge, he gradually expanded his company’s product range in the next few years and adapted it to the changing requirement profile of his customers. He was one of the first people in Germany to recognise the growing need of mid-sized companies for consultancy services when buying and selling companies. This made him a pioneer in a sector which has now developed into a diverse segment of investment banking.

Horst F. Angermann in the Mattentwiete office

Horst F. G. Angermann (r.) at an award ceremony in Paris

As a cosmopolitan citizen of Hamburg, Horst F. G. Angermann did not limit his activities to the domestic market. He always saw internationalism as an opportunity. On his frequent travels, he enjoyed being inspired by new business ideas and making numerous new contacts.


Joachim Velte was appointed Managing Director at Angermann.
During the 36 years he spent in this position, the qualified import and export manager made a decisive contribution to the group’s development.

> 36 years of Angermann: an interview with Joachim Velte


“We are buying the entire German industry”
Report about American investment in the Federal Republic

> Spiegel article 06.10.1965

Horst F. G. Angermann on a company outing on the high seas


Horst F. G. Angermann in an interview in the Press Club in Munich


RDM [Ring of German Estate Agents] conference in Frankfurt, Horst F. G. Angermann (4th from left) and other representatives of RDM

Horst F. G. Angermann at the German Estate Agents’ Day in Nuremberg

RDM Estate Agents’ Day

Horst F. G. Angermann (6th from left) at the Estate Agents’ Day in Wiesbaden

Ursula and Horst F. G. Angermann at the Estate Agents’ Ball

Hans Apel and Horst F. G. Angermann


August 1973
Horst F. G. Angermann appears on the cover of Manager magazine

Manager magazine, August 1973

Debate at the invitation of Manager magazine on the topic of leadership, control and the socio-political situation of family-owned companies
From left: Dr F. Wilhelm Christians, member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Bank, Dr Arend Oetker, Head of Schwartauer Werke, HFG and Hans E. Kloepfer, shareholder of W. Döllken & Co.

Foundation of “AWM - Aktionsgemeinschaft wirtschaftlicher Mittelstand e.V.” by Horst F. G. Angermann (4th from left).

When the Federal SPD resolved to ban the profession of estate agent at a party conference in 1973, the Aktionsgemeinschaft wirtschaftlicher Mittelstand e.V. [Economic mid-size sector action group] was founded. As a mouthpiece for medium-sized companies in the service industry, the AWM played a large part in increasing the influence of medium-sized companies. The above-mentioned SPD resolution was revoked after only two years. Until 1990, Angermann served as AWM president and obtained the reputation of a hard, but very human interlocutor and negotiating partner.

Book publication by Horst F. G. Angermann: “Grow or give way: survival chances for the economic mid-size sector”


Certificate of the public appointment and swearing-in of Horst F. G. Angermann for the auctioning of third-party properties and third-party leasehold rights.


Horst F. G. Angermann with his wife Ursula on his 60th birthday.


February 1987
First day of work for Dr Torsten Angermann at Angermann

In the late 1980s, Horst F. G. Angermann increasingly withdrew from the company and handed over the direction to his son, Dr Torsten Angermann FRICS. The latter had already directed the real estate segment and had been instrumental in developing this business unit into one of the mainstays of the corporate group.


Dr Torsten Angermann and Horst F. G. Angermann at a conference held by the FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation) in Copenhagen

Dr Torsten Angermann giving a speech during the
FIABCI conference in Denmark


In the spring, Angermann opened its first office in Berlin. Since then, both the investment and the leasing team have regularly been among the top 3 companies on the Berlin real estate market.


Berlin Angermann office with a view of the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate


From left to right: Dr Stefan Linge, Dr Torsten Angermann, Dr Hans B. Bethge

Dr Torsten Angermann at a trade fair in Prague


The M&A business unit becomes a member of M&A International Inc., the world’s largest organisation of independent M&A consultancy firms.


Sami Steinbach and his office leasing team of six begin work in Hamburg. Today, with almost 30 employees, it is among the leading consultancy firms for office tenants.


Angermann opens the Stuttgart branch. In addition to office leasing and property investment, the M&A business unit and NetBid are now also represented in the office at Bolzstraße 3.


The property valuation business unit is transferred to the newly founded, independent company Angermann Valuation Advisory GmbH – Chartered Surveyors.


Angermann Hannover GmbH is founded as a franchise partner of Angermann. The team led by branch director Vesna Meyer is active in the area of office leasing.


Angermann Investment Advisory AB is founded as a franchise partner based in Stockholm. The team has now established itself on the Swedish real estate market and has continually developed its share of the property investment market.


Angermann Sweden office in the striking Hötorgshus 3 building (Sveavägen 9, 10 TR). The office is located in the heart of Stockholm’s central business district (CBD)


With the business permit granted by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), Nord Leasing GmbH successfully completes its set-up phase, begun at the end of 2010. The company is now regarded as a reliable and financially sound partner for alternative financing solutions in the areas of sale & lease back and sale & rent back. Nord Leasing has been awarded the distinction of Growth Champion several times by Focus and Statista.



A new Angermann office is set up in Frankfurt. As well as office leasing and investment, the M&A division also has an office in the Main metropolis.

Angermann office in “SoloWest” at Guiollettstraße 48, Frankfurt am Main


With bürosuche.de, Angermann introduces an optimum combination of online property search and local, personal consultancy.


Deutsche Einkaufsfinanzierer GmbH is founded. The newest company in the Angermann Group focuses on traditional goods purchase financing for mid-sized companies to increase their purchasing advantages, but also to implement a stable and sustainable financing component.

Start of a new era: Angermann M&A International becomes Oaklins Germany. The merger with Oaklins, the world’s most experienced mid-market consultancy, gives us access to 700 professionals in 40 countries who work together in specialised sector teams.


On the platform www.vesselbid.com, NetBid offers the opportunity to buy or sell ships by online auction. With the established ship broker Toepfer Transport GmbH and the law firm Ehlermann Rindfleisch Gadow, which specialises in maritime affairs, we have gained strong and competent partners.


Our employees identify strongly with the company. Many have been working for Angermann for several decades, in some cases in different positions and in different business units. They give the company its face and make an essential contribution to the company’s success with their efforts and commitment. Angermann is traditionally a training enterprise. We challenge and encourage our employees and offer them the possibility of taking a career path at Angermann which suits their talent and their ambitions. Our mid-sized corporate culture is based on flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths.

Thanks to strategic agenda-setting in the past, Angermann is now diversified and resilient to crises. A total of ten companies with 180 employees are now united under the umbrella of the holding company. The resulting combination of M&A, management consultancy, real estate services and the sale of machinery and equipment is unique in Germany. The product range is supplemented by the associated company Nord Leasing, which is active in the business area of asset-based financing.