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Questions about your application

Do you have any more questions? We have compiled some answers here. Perhaps you have a completely different concern; if so, please write to us at bewerbung(at)angermann.de.


  • How do I apply for a job at ANGERMANN?

    Look for a suitable vacancy on our website and send your application documents to the contact person given on the advertisement. We generally expect applications by email.

  • Do we welcome speculative applications?

    Yes, very much so – provided your profile is suitable for one of our departments. Send your documents to bewerbung(at)angermann.de, and we will gladly pass your application on. The relevant department will contact you if they are interested.

  • Does ANGERMANN also provide training?

    This varies from department to department. In our office leasing company, we offer the following every year:

    a) trainee places at all sites to become a real estate agent (m/w)


    b) in Hamburg, trainee places for office management (m/w)

    Frank Kerstan, our former trainee in the Hamburg office leasing company and now a director, tells you about training at Angermann in a video.

    Find out more about our trainees and what they have to say about our training programmes.


  • What kind of application process can I expect?

    This, too, can vary depending on the department and site. However, your application will always be checked by the relevant contact in the company. After that, there may be a predictive index (PI) or a direct invitation to interview (by phone, video call or, of course, in person). In some cases, we also offer internships or trial working periods which can take place before the actual hiring.

  • What should I do if I receive no reply?

    During busy periods, there may sometimes be delays in responding to applications. Generally, however, you will receive prompt information about how your application will proceed. If you require an answer urgently, do not hesitate to send your contact person an email or phone them.

  • Does ANGERMANN embrace diversity?

    Some 200 employees now work for us. The ratio between men and women is almost exactly 50:50. Nonetheless, we would like to continue to increase the number of women in our corporate group, particularly in specialist and management positions. People of (almost) all ages work for us, with many different religions and ethnic backgrounds. All those who want to carry Angermann forward are welcome here, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, physical limitations, ethnic or religious backgrounds.

  • Is there a dress code?

    Yes and no: for our sales work in most departments and at most sites, a suit and sometines a tie for men and suit or trouser suit for women is appropriate. However, changes are being made here too, which means that the rules are no longer quite so strict. The best thing is simply to check with your supervisor on this matter.