Consultancy for a sophisticated office market – since 1991.

Where is there still commission-free office space? Does the type and quality of the office space still meet the current standard? Can I still rent an office space larger than 3,000 m² in a central location in Berlin? What new build projects are there? Those are the questions that renters of offices in Berlin have needed to ask themselves since 2012. This is because before that time, the office market in the capital was still regarded as exceptionally tenant friendly. That meant users could expect all sorts of concessions such as rent-free periods or high relocation allowances. But that no longer happens in the highly sought-after central locations. The conclusion of our consulting work may therefore be that the current lease should be extended under appropriate conditions instead of renting one of over 4,000 office spaces on the market, even if this is not the most lucrative decision from our perspective as advisors.

From start-up companies to large authorities

As the capital city, the Berlin office market is, for startup companies, firstly characterized by the leasing of small, flexible spaces. We see this in the comprehensive offering of small office spaces that can be extended as required to cope with the rapid growth of a startup. Secondly, governmental and administrative bodies, associations and their service providers rent a large number of offices every year. We are familiar with their needs due to having looked after these tenants for many years. Overall, the market situation in Berlin means people expect us to provide an intensive consultancy service, and we are happy to meet this demand.

Making quality transparent for our customers

Every consultancy company faces the task of convincing its customers of the quality of its services, even before the customer has hired them. Therefore we make our quality transparent to our customers through highly qualified employees, long-term staff retention, detailed preparation of the information on office spaces on the Berlin real estate market and a large number of references in all sizes of space.

The Berlin office market – demystified.

Office leasing is a local business. Therefore, not only are we familiar with the office real estate of the capital and list it in detail in order to give people renting offices the most complete information possible about the desired property, we also research which rentals have taken place on the Berlin real estate market, at what price and in what property, and for how long the lease has been concluded. You can read the results in our quarterly office market report. The market will be more transparent for you as a renter on a map of office rentals in Berlin. Here you can see the current office rentals by precise district location.

Present nationwide – operating locally

With our branches in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover and Stuttgart and collaborations with brokers nationwide, we can also fulfill rental requests outside of Berlin without needing to be present in every town and city. Flexibility, confidence in the Angermann brand and quick decision-making paths enable a collaboration with all SMEs in Germany if needed.

From real estate broker to workplace consultant

The times when real estate brokers “only” brokered office space are long gone. Today, we have become a comprehensive and coordinating consultant for renters of office space. With a great sense of responsibility, we create transparency for decisions and reduce the costs associated with looking for an office to the bare minimum for our customers – we see that as our job. Whether an office space is right for you does not just depend on the location, the quality of the facilities or the rental price. Instead, it is our job together with you to analyze your long-term needs for future office space. We make it clear that the mostly advertised “rental price per square meter” is usually not very useful as the main evaluation criterion without knowing how many workplaces can be fitted into this office space, the level of facilities included in the “list price” and how much expensive additional fitting out of the space you will need to do or can possibly still be “neutralized” and done for you through negotiations before signing the contract.

That is why good employee retention is important to us, why we enable and encourage our consultants to take further training and why we train qualified realtors every year, if possible at all our locations. Employees trained in-house ensure we maintain the quality that we want to guarantee for the customer. They develop with our Angermann office leasing philosophy. The career paths at Angermann are as multi-layered as our employees themselves: from office leasing to investment, from trainee to head of department, from head of department to director – for us as an SME, a recognition as an employer.