Real Estate Valuation

Angermann Valuation and Advisory GmbH is an independent company within the Angermann Group that is bound by the strict code of conduct set forth by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). We undertake all services connected with valuing and analysing real estate.

The high-quality valuation of individual properties and portfolios has gained considerably in significance in recent years – intensified by the effects of the financial market crisis.

Due to the steady increase in both internationalisation and regulation, a uniform qualification for appraisers based on recognised standards is becoming increasingly important. This is the only way that appraisals can be recognised at all times and in all places. In order to guarantee the independence and high quality of our appraisals for our customers, which include national and international investors, real estate companies, banks and industrial and retail businesses, we follow the strict guidelines of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Appraisals in accordance with national and international Valuation Standards

  • Market value, mortgage lending value, valuation for accounting purposes, rental value appraisal
  • Standardised methods as per the Federal Building Code (BauGB), the German Regulation on the Valuation of Real Estate (ImmoWertV) and the Valuation Guidelines, the Mortgage Lending Value Regulation (BelWertV) and the German Mortgage Bond Act (PfandBG)
  • Valuations in accordance with international standards of RICS, IVSC, TEGoVA and IAS/IFRS


Our team is an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified experts. Our employees are certified under HypZert and RICS and have many years of valuation experience.

The interdisciplinary cooperation within the Angermann Group means we have direct access to all the information relevant to valuation. This particularly applies to market data, which is available to us from the leasing and investment divisions. This also means that the latest changes in patterns of tenant or buyer demand can be taken into account at an early stage. The immediate availability of the latest market figures guarantees a reliable and market-based valuation result. If you also need a valuation of other assets in addition to your real estate, we bring in the expertise of Netbid – Angermann und Lüders. Our independence as an autonomous subsidiary is, of course, unaffected by these synergies.

In connection with the valuation and analysis of real estate, we offer our customers the following services:

  • Valuation of commercial, residential and special use properties
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Transaction advice / due diligence
  • Location and market analyses
  • Feasibility calculations
  • Development of utilisation concepts