Real Estate Advisory

Ownership of real estate entails a large number of business challenges. The business consultancy Angermann Consult GmbH will be on hand for you as a partner for your business. We support you with our portfolio analysis, asset management, special solution for real estate and strategic sale and acquisition services. Close cooperation with our real estate sector further expands our range of services.

Portfolio Analysis

The primary aim of a portfolio analysis is to make the assessment of risks and rewards for owners and investors at decision-making level transparent and to support a value-optimized strategy. As part of strategic real estate management, portfolio analysis is an established planning instrument for achieving the greatest possible profit for real estate in the long term.

Our range of services:

  • Performance assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Developing future portfolio strategies
  • Cash flow analysen
  • Investment strategies
  • Analysis of the existing financing structure
  • Identification and assessment of alternatives for action

Asset Management

Real estate represents a considerable asset. Active asset management is often necessary to identify and increase value-creation potential or to stop a loss. The properties and their potential are analyzed in detail and assessed with regard to the economic circumstances and the environment. In the course of this, inclusion of well-founded actual and past values is necessary to be able to create a meaningful future projection for the particular property. Ultimately, a suitable strategy is determined jointly with the owner on the basis of the resulting generation of various scenarios. Due to the reporting and monitoring carried out at regular intervals, the measures decided on and goals targeted are subjected to a complete target/actual analysis. The external service providers at the respective locations are also actively managed by management and the tasks transferred to them are monitored. The strategy set is thus in no way static, but is constantly modified and adapted to the latest circumstances.

Our range of services:

  • Market analysis
  • Cashflow-forecast
  • Monthly reporting with deviation analysis and commentary
  • Proposal of value-retaining/value-increasing measures
  • Controlling measures
  • Preparatiom of exit

Special Solutions for Real Estate

Nowadays, the location of a property largely decides its value. However, it is a recurring question whether the particular type of use and the associated concepts also fit the location. As part of the special solution for real estate, the business consultancy addresses all business questions with problematic real estate.

In detail, this means:

  • Recording and analyzing the portfolio
  • Creating utilization concepts
  • Feasibility calculations
  • Operator assessments
  • support with the realization of hidden reserves through the sale of real estate

Strategic Sale and Purchase

Strategic Sale

There can be many reasons for divesting a property. The question of whether and in what form the sale of a property is of strategic use can be answered with a detailed portfolio analysis. In this, we identify properties that are not necessary to your business or are unprofitable and provide decision-making assistance when defining your real estate portfolio's strategic goals. Our range of services also includes analyzing and valuing the property with regard to marketing, conversion and its condition. If the property is suitable for marketing, we identify potential buyers and contact them for you. We then perform due diligence and assist you through sale negotiations to contract conclusion.

Strategic Purchase

Reaching critical mass or trying to achieve a balance between growth and add-on acquisitions often leads to the decision to purchase real estate. However, before possible properties for purchase can be identified, the strategic goals of your portfolio should first be defined. With the aid of a real estate portfolio analysis, we support you with defining your strategy and then identify suitable properties for purchase. If a suitable property is found, we perform due diligence and assist you in the purchase negotiations and contract conclusion.