Increasing Earnings

Adapting organization and processes to changing market demands, optimizing cost structures and working capital employed are among the full management's permanent challenges for increasing earning power. For managing this task, the business consultancy Angermann provides you with advisory support through its company quick check, controlling, process optimization, and working capital management services. Building on this, we support you in implementing the resulting measures through to successful conclusion.

Company Quick Check

With our company quick check, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company within a short period of time (around three to four weeks). The following questions are relevant here:

  • Do your internal structures, processes and systems meet the requirements for a company of your size?
  • Does your company have adequate control tools that make its economic status transparent and enable real-time management of its economic performance?
  • Do market changes make adaptation of the market positioning of its service program, market cultivation and market communication necessary?
  • Does the entry of new market participants change the rules of the market?
  • Do decreasing revenues, deteriorating profitability and a reduction in the available liquidity necessitate economic reorientation?

To answer these questions, we first examine the economic starting situation. Possible weak areas in the corporate structure, processes and control tools are analyzed. The strategic market position is assessed.

As a result of a company quick check, you will receive a company status report, earnings and financial planning and a catalog of measures with recommendations for action. This will serve you as a road map for reaching your defined business goals.


Developing controlling that delivers management-relevant information and provides support for operational management is a major challenge for many SMEs. In addition to day-to-day business and the requirements of finance and accountancy, it is necessary to develop consistent planning, the associated reporting, and regular control tools for the operational business. The business consultancy Angermann creates a segment income statement for you that takes account of your company’s strategic positioning on the market and of its organizational structure. By these means, we create the basis and structure for business planning with integrated earnings and financial planning. Building on this, informative monthly reporting will be designed for your business with planned/actual analyses that show your company’s economic performance on a regular basis and in real time. Controlling thus provides information on the operational business management of the sales department, materials management and manufacturing beyond finance and accounting. The monthly reporting can be used as external controlling for the internal management of your company and as information for external stakeholders.

Process Optimization

No question, growth is a synonym for success for a company. At the same time, however, it represents a not insignificant risk. Business structures and processes are often a consequence of historical developments. The development of management and organizational structures, business processes, control elements and IT systems frequently turn out not to have kept pace with business growth. This makes it necessary to increase internal efficiency. In addition, increased requirements for process integration from customers, suppliers, financial partners or the authorities make it necessary to further develop the process in question.

When analyzing your company, the following perspectives are relevant:

  • organizational and management structure
  • business processes
  • control tools
  • IT support

Building on this analysis, we will design a target organization and come up with requirements for further developing business processes, control tools and the supporting IT systems. We know that this is often not a simple task, particularly in SMEs. We have proven in a large number of projects that it is nevertheless possible. We support you in identifying potential for increasing efficiency in administrative and operational processes.

Working Capital Management

Working capital management allows your company to optimize the capital employed. In addition, rating analyses show your financing banks the working capital employed by your small or medium-sized enterprise and thus influence your banks' opportunity and willingness to provide financing.

The working capital comprises the inventory of raw materials, consumables and supplies, work in progress and finished goods and services, accounts receivable from customers, accounts payable to suppliers and cash and marketable securities.

The level of your stocks is influenced by:

  • breadth of product range
  • consistent item and bill of materials structure
  • timely availability and inventory management
  • optimized supplier relationships

The inventories of work in progress and finished goods can be optimized in the trade-off between supply availability and capital employment by:

  • efficient management of manufacturing
  • optimized order sizes
  • up-to-date sales planning
  • regular forecasts of customer orders
  • real-time analysis of items for sale and stocks of these
  • product range analysis and adjustment

The level of accounts receivable from customers can be reduced by:

  • drafting contracts for order execution
  • billing arrangements
  • regular debtor management

Creditor management leads to reliable payment behavior through:

  • coordination of delivery sizes
  • regular material requirement planning
  • coordinated delivery cycles
  • order-related availability of material

The business consultancy Angermann supports you in improving your working capital. To this end, we perform product range analyses and adjustments, and process analyses and optimizations. In addition, we develop consistent item and bill of materials structures for your company. The development of real-time controlling structures with debtor, creditor and inventory management and a rolling liquidity forecast additionally makes it possible to optimize capital employment and creates transparency.