Corporate strategy

Irrespective of whether you need a new strategic direction or to adjust to market changes, your company and all its key players should be targeting a single goal. The business consultancy Angermann Consult GmbH supports you in business succession, strategy development or strategic growth.

Business Succession

Increased media exposure for the topic of business succession and the stricter rules on lending mean SME owners are more aware of the necessity of succession planning than they were 10 years ago. Nevertheless, according to to a study by the Institut für Mittelstandsforschung Bonn (IfM Bonn), around 21% of SME owners do not think about succession planning. Life planning and the potential of the next generation of your own family, inheritance and tax topics, the current business owner's pension and a defined timeline are only a few of the key factors that need to be taken into account.

We know the importance of this topic from more than six decades of experience advising on and supporting the search for a successor for SMEs.So that the SME owner's life's work is prepared for the future in time, we offer professional support for the entire succession process:

  • Development of a succession strategy
  • Succession planning
  • Value optimization measures
  • Valuation of the operating business
  • valuation of real estate and machinery

If a natural successor is found from the business owner's family or a management buy-in/buy-out is completed, the implementation of this transformation process can be supported:

  • Organizational and management structure
  • Initiation of a transfer of know-how 
  • Implementation of new structures and processes
  • Further development of management and control tools 
  • Formation of an advisory council

If, as the owner, you decide to sell the business or a stake in it, we initiate an M&A process and work with you on the entire transaction.

Strategy Development

An SME can only be ready for the future in its market and competitive environment if it knows its own market position. Realistically estimating strengths and weaknesses, potential and risks in the market environment enables strategic development. An analysis of your business's strategic market position covers the following points:

  • Product and service program
  • Customer structure
  • Market cultivation and sales
  • Competitive environment
  • Market trends

Your company’s success factors can be deduced from its strategic market position. The aim is to identify the necessary measures for strategic development that are needed to achieve a permanently productive market position.

Options for strategic development are offered by not only the organic development of the company, but also the strategic acquisition of companies or stakes in companies in order to extend the product and service program, regional market coverage or the internationalization.

Strategic Growth

Many companies operate in a stagnating market environment. Market shares are fragmented. At the same time, price pressure is increasing. Market shares can be expanded through mergers with other businesses. 

The goals of strategic growth are:

  • Opening up additional regional markets
  • Gaining new customer groups
  • Expanding the product and service range

Angermann Consult GmbH supports you in analyzing your strategic market position and defining your business strategy. The services we offer for a strategic add-on acquisition give you access to businesses in complementary product and services segments, additional regional markets or new customer sectors.

Our range of services includes:

  • Market research for identifying suitable acquisition candidates (long list/short list)
  • Approaching the previously agreed candidates
  • Performing due diligence
  • Supporting the purchase negotiations up until contract conclusion

In the case of a successful strategic acquisition, we will, on request, also support you with the integration of the business into your structures.