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Your Opportunities

Angermann offers you numerous different career paths in the areas of company transactions (M&A), management consultancy, real estate services, internet auctions and the sale and lease back of machinery and equipment:


From trainee to director

Frank Kerstan

Frank Kerstan came to Angermann after doing his national service and began training to become a real estate agent in our office leasing company in Hamburg in 2002. Today, he is the head of his department and director of a team of 25.

“The opportunities for development and further training convinced me to remain with Angermann after my training. The trust placed in me by the executive board made a decisive contribution to this”, says Frank, explaining his motives. He went through the estate agent hierarchy, from processing smaller-scale requests to the really big deals.

“Above all, it’s the family environment that makes Angermann so valuable as an employer. Here, the person is what matters and not their role. That’s why I would not consider a job at a corporation”, Frank continues. As a matter of course, Angermann financed his studies in real estate economics at the ADI, as well as his further management training.

“The development of my capabilities and leadership qualities always gave me the feeling of progressing and being supported and well prepared for new tasks”, says, Frank, summing up his career with Angermann so far.

Artur Kraft

Artur Kraft began his career in 2003 as a trainee real estate agent in the Hamburg office leasing company. Because of his high performance, he was taken on
as a junior estate agent immediately after completing his training. “The training at Angermann is very demanding. You are quickly trusted to make your own deals. This trust that was placed in me, and the family atmosphere in the team, were the reasons for choosing Angermann after my training”, says Artur. The scope of responsibility was then gradually expanded by increasing the size of the customer requests. “In Hamburg, we work according to pool sizes. As a junior estate agent, you start with deals of up to 500 m² and then go through three stages to reach the large pool, overseeing deals of 1,500 m² and upwards”, explains Artur.

His willingness to learn was boosted by further training to become a property specialist at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, as well as studies in real estate economics at the ADI. The company directors saw Artur’s potential and, in his early 30s, made him head of department and director of the Hamburg office leasing company, together with Frank Kerstan. Artur was able to take leadership seminars to prepare him for his new task.