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| Frankfurt | Publikation
Office Market Report Report Frankfurt Total Year 2022
  • 11% fall in take-up year-on-year
  • 1%-point fall in the vacancy rate compared to 2021 
  • Few major lettings of > 5,000 sqm concluded over the year 
  • R…
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| Berlin | Publikation
Office Market Report Report Berlin Total Year 2022
  • Traditional year-end rally failed to materialise
  • Various major deals postponed until the first half of 2023 
  • Increased office space vacancy
  • Prime…
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| Hamburg | Publikation
Office Market Report Report Hamburg Total Year 2022
  • 14% rise in take-up year-on-year
  • Vacancy rate remains low despite increasing supply
  • Prime rent still at record level
  • Significant rises in take-up…
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| Berlin | Publikation
Office Market Report Berlin Q3 2022
  • Significant 25% rise in take-up year-on-year
  • At 245,000 sqm, Q3 surpasses both Q1 (138,000 sqm) and Q2 (215,000 sqm) results
  • Major deals dominate…
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| Hamburg | Publikation
Office Market Report Hamburg Q3 2022
  • 24% increase in the volume of take-up year-on-year
  • Major lettings dominate Q3 
  • IT and multimedia sector leads the industry ranking
  • Renewed fall…
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| Hannover | Publikation
Office Market Report Hannover Q2 2022
  • Take-up falls 18% year-on-year 
  • Prospective major occupiers react cautiously in H1
  • Most leases concluded in < 1,000 sqm segment
  • Prime rent rises,…
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| Frankfurt | Publikation
Office Market Report Frankfurt Q2 2022
  • 11% increase in letting performance year-on-year
  • Significant increase in average rent; prime rent unchanged
  • Renaissance of banks and financial…
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| Hamburg | Publikation
Office Market Report Berlin Q2 2022
  • Significant 18% increase in take-up year-on-year
  • Second quarter take-up exceeds first quarter (215,000 sqm compared to 138,000 sqm)
  • Nominal rents…
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