The Angermann Group

Investment banking, real estate advisory services, management consultancy, machinery and equipment. Since 1953 Angermann has been consistently focused on the needs and requirements of major investors, industry and the medium-sized enterprise sector.


This requires visionary foresight just as much as a cool head for figures. What is something really worth? And for whom? What will happen in two years time? How will the market develop?

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All the leverage of a rapidly paced market.

The wave of exponential market acceleration has long enveloped the real estate market...

Some bridges connect different worlds. Without pillars and concrete foundations.

Every corporate transaction involves overcoming boundaries...

Only by changing can you remain constant.

Angermann’s consulting services are geared to delivering tangible results in specific market sectors. The issues they deal with are strategy, transparency and turnaround...

Done and dusted. Financing included.

Honestly now, do you really know the exact current value of your mobile assets? As a market leader Angermann boasts a prestigious track record of expertise in the assessment and exploitation of capital equipment.